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Episode 134 – Mike Johnston wants to be Denver Mayor

Former Colorado State Senator Michael Johnston is an accomplished metro Denver educator who grew up in Eagle County, Colorado. He’s got degrees from Yale and Harvard and came to fame as an early Colorado ally of Senator Barack Obama.

Johnston is bilingual, represented Park Hill in the Colorado statehouse, and his wife is a veteran Denver prosecutor. Listen to Senator Johnston discuss immigration, Denver Public Schools, crime, policing, and the horrific death of Tyre Nichols.

Crime and homelessness are hurting Denver. So are failures at Denver Public Schools. As Denver mayor, Johnston explains how he’ll get involved in education. That’s his passion. Johnston has answers when it comes to solving homelessness. Micro-communities are the answer he proposes.

The Holly is a book and movie which features the stories of Terrance Roberts, and Denver mayoral hopeful, former CO State Senator Mike Johnston. At end of interview, Johnston asked about harsh Holly accusations made against him.

Learn about Denver’s fascinating 9 to 1 political dollar match rule for contributors who are Denver citizens. Regarding guns, learn how Johnston was part of the Colorado Senate when large capacity magazines were outlawed. He’s now ready to fight for gun safety as Denver’s next mayor.

Find out Mike Johnston’s views on cannabis & his belief that law enforcement should be allowed to use MJ as they can alcohol. Johnston thinks he’s got the right coalition and ideas, especially as regards homelessness, and education to win and succeed as Denver mayor.

Meanwhile, America remains troubled, including by a strange Chinese spy balloon. Troubadour Dave Gunders delights with his song, Black Balloons, and brilliant banter about this possible existential crisis. This trial balloon should be controlled. We are feeling provocation, manipulation and possible infiltration.

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