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Episode 135 Chris Hansen Wants to be Denver Mayor. Sam Kaufman Sold many Neckties

Colorado state senator Chris Hansen makes his strong case to be elected Denver's 46th mayor. Senator Hansen is an engineer by training and experience. Growing up in Goodland, Kansas, Hansen always looked up to the regional capital of Denver, and frequently visited.

Elected to represent SD21 (central and east Denver), Hansen is a legislative leader who wants to now turn his attention to solving Denver’s problems. Hansen is a father of two boys who is proud of his attorney wife. Learn also about Hansen’s father, a necktie-wearing teacher, and his mother, a nurse.

Hansen gets passionate about climate change and electric heat pump technology that could revolutionize Denver’s buildings. Dr. Hansen also knows budgets, having served as the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Vice Chair of the Joint Budget Committee.

So is Hansen’s good humor as he talks about the neckties he and his father have long favored. The Colorado Senate’s strict necktie rule is no problem for this mayoral candidate who wore a solid red tie to Thursday’s first Denver mayoral debate held at Regis College.

The candidate discusses his first priority commitment to Denver public safety. Denver’s ongoing crime and vehicular collision problems are unacceptable. Hansen claims he’s the infrastructure knowledgeable mayoral candidate Denver needs and his decision making skills are suited to the job.

Sam Kaufman’s job was to sell men neckties and it lasted many decades. As son of late great Fred Kaufman and proprietor of this region’s preeminent big and tall men’s clothing store, Sam is an expert at men’s fashion. He’s also sold hundreds of thousands of extra long ties.

Listen to the great yarns spun by this master clothier who spent decades also selling suits and shoes and other apparel at Kaufman’s Big and Tall Store in Englewood. The location at Hampden and Broadway was chosen after Fred Kaufman turned down offers to locate at Cinderella City.

Great athletes galore were among the Kaufman patrons. Listen for the invited name dropping including Julius Erving and Broncos’ greats Paul Smith and Randy Gradishar.

What are neckties all about? Personal expression and a show of respect. Are neckties going extinct? Perhaps. One necktie killer was Raymond Burr who went through them like dishrags as he sweated out playing Perry Mason in the Denver courthouse. Kaufman’s Burr necktie story is a classic.

Sam Kaufman is a brilliant storyteller who loved his famous father who helped bring pro basketball to Denver. Byron Beck is a big Kaufman’s fan and vice versa. These old Denver stories are classics.

For lawyers, a good necktie can be his moneymaker. Shake your Moneymaker is the cover song sung by show Troubadour Dave Gunders who pays tribute to Elmore James and neckties he too has known.

As a special feature, Troubadour Dave Gunders give their reviews of the controversial number one movie on Netflix, You People. Was this the right way to cover mixed race marriage controversies, and were Jews treated fairly?

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