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Episode 136 – Kwame Spearman wants to be Denver Mayor

In our ongoing series of in depth interviews with major Denver mayoral candidates, show welcomes Kwame Spearman. He’s owner of The Tattered Cover, a Denver independent book selling institution.

Find out what makes this Denver native tick. Spearman grew up in east Denver and now worries about the unaffordable housing, homelessness, crime, and Denver headed downward. Listen to Kwame Spearman’s solutions.

Kwame Spearman worked for Bain Capital after going to East High, Columbia and then Yale Law School. After living and working in NYC, Spearman returned to be part of a group that purchased The Tattered Cover.

We go over the highlights from the latest Denver mayoral debates including Spearman’s qualified immunity discussion concerning DPD. We also discuss his homelessness discussions with Kyle Clark and others and last week’s guest, Chris Hansen.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders contributes mightily with his wild song, Looking Down, apropos of the downward direction of Denver with its crime and homelessness problems. What can be done to restore Denver’s greatness?

Lively introduction with Troubadour include current events, the sad return of Tiger Woods with his tampon joke, and a quick sports review with a Colorado flavor. New champs in football, Nuggets soaring in basketball and baseball changing its rules. Let spring training and spring fever begin.

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