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Episode 142 – Terrance Roberts wants to be Denver Mayor - TRUMP INDICTED!

Terrance Roberts talks about everything, including Donald Trump in this provocative episode. Roberts knows the state court system through many criminal justice encounters as the defendant. Now, Roberts, the reformed revolutionary, wants to be mayor of his native Denver.

Show starts with a pointed monologue intro on the meaning of the Trump indictment and the ominous disappointment felt when hearing Republican leaders with microphones take the side of Trump against any and all prosecutions. Sad shock expressed at the willingness of Caplis, Brauchler to countenance Trump after his J6 pledge at Waco, his dinner w/Nazis, and his bat to head of DA Bragg.

Terrance Roberts loved the Holly neighborhood of Denver so much, he was willing to die for his hood. And his gang. Roberts (Showbizz) was a major Denver gang member, who rightfully spent a decade in prison, and then reformed. Listen to that fascinating journey, and get a taste of life behind bars.

Host explains his role in trying to solve and prosecute gang homicides, including his response on DA's Office Homicide Duty to the 1988 murder of teen Cameron Smith, killed for wearing a red hat as he rode his bike in northeast Denver. Roberts knew the story and the legend, but got educated on things known to the former top prosecutor in Denver.

While incarcerated, Roberts exercised his body and mind, and then dedicated himself to helping others with his racial justice, and anti-gang message and organization. When the Holly shopping center burned down in 2008, Terrance Roberts stepped in with peaceful solutions, and obvious leadership skills. Along the way, Terrance Roberts’ dream of positivity at the Holly went up in gunsmoke.

Terrance Roberts got charged with the shooting of another member of the gang with which he previously affiliated. Fearing for his life, Terrance Roberts went and got his gun, and shot a man numerous times at a public event. Roberts was arrested and charged with Attempted First Degree Murder by the Denver DA’s Office. It is the subject of the hit book and movie titled, The Holly.

Terrance Roberts testified at his attempted murder trial, and experienced skillful cross-examination by Denver Chief Deputy DA Henry Cooper. The trial was full of dramatic twists and turns. Along the way, Roberts publicly vented against elected Denver DA Mitch Morrissey for treating him too harshly. When compared to Trump’s castigations of NY prosecutor Bragg, Roberts ably defends himself.

Listen to how Terrance Roberts became a Denver racial justice protester and a community leader. In wake of Geroge Floyd murder, Terrance Roberts helped lead racial justice groups that were infiltrated by FBI informant, Mickey, as described in Alphabet Boys podcast (our Episode 138). Listen to Terrance Roberts describe his attitude towards Mickey and Alphabet Boys.

Terrance Roberts brings hard-earned, fascinating, and provocative perspectives to this wide open Denver mayor’s race. He knows the streets of northeast Denver, and the impact of culture and poverty. He’s got a curious mind and a desire to help people. Roberts now gets recognized on American streets because of the success of The Holly movie, which is terrific entertainment. So is Roberts on this podcast.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders rocks and rolls the end of the show with his lively conversation, and outstanding song titled, Talking in Tongues. The origin of the song is discussed along with the legal travails of now indicted Donald Trump in his native NYC. Perfect place for prosecuting the Big Apple’s homegrown monster.

Trump gave green light for violence to his followers, by singing an anthem with the J6 prisoners, promising them exonerations, and dining at Mar-a-Lago with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, and Kanye West. Despite this authoritarian dinner, and the bat to Bragg’s head picture Trump posted, the GOP and R/W pundits stay with the defeated former president who’ll be arraigned on Tuesday, the same day Denver votes for Mayor. What a consequential Tuesday upcoming.

What a country, city, and state. What a world, what a life, what a day. The April Fools edition of The Craig Silverman Show is no joke. Terrance Roberts is a serious candidate for Denver mayor. MAGA might be funny (president pokes porn star) if it was not so serious. The Craig Silverman Show, every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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