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Episode 162 – Craig’s Colorado Corner – Terrance Carroll and Mario Nicolais

Promises made. Promises kept. Sensational SPECIAL EDITION show upcoming Monday morning at 8 AM Colorado time. Former Colorado Speaker of the House, Terrance Carroll, and Colorado Sun Columnist, Mario Nicolais are first panelists ever on Craig‘s Colorado Corner edition of The Craig Silverman Show.

Experience a fine panel discussion amongst engaged Colorado attorneys on the repercussions of the abortion related vote in Ohio, and the realities regarding the damn war in Ukraine. We discuss all things Colorado, and with an emphasis on entertainment. Stream us when you drive. And please share and subscribe.

Here are other topics you don't want to miss. GOP Prez race. Ron DeSantis, USA v Trump, Judge Tanya Chutkin, Trump jailing, Conspirator #1 Rudy, Conspirator #2 Eastman, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, GA v Trump, Jenna Ellis, Brauchler/Caplis/Corporon/Boebert, Colorado J6 connections, Colorado GOP, Colorado media. Make Colorado airwaves smart again by listening.

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes back the record setting holder for most appearances, and a sponsor of our show, the Michael Bailey. Great talk about the need for a ref to protect integrity of game officiated, and not tolerate abuse or threats. Or goodness forbid, violence. Michael Bailey demonstrates trustworthiness and smarts galore.

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