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Episode 166 – Craig’s Colorado Corner with Susan Stubson and Tim Stubson

The Stubsons are entertaining and influential lawyers from Wyoming. Susan was on Episode 106 and her verbal skills and humor delighted. She writes for the New York Times. Mrs. Stubson is joined by her brilliant attorney spouse, Tim Stubson, who is terrific. Stubson chemistry is obvious.

Learn what Christian nationalism has done to Wyoming and the Stubsons' church. Oh my goodness, what happened this past Easter with their pastor going after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for prosecuting Trump. If only Silverman was there to interject at that church. We imagine.

Tim Stubson knows well, and discusses, both former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney and current Congresswoman Harriet Hageman. We agree there are similarities between Harriet and Jenna Ellis in their opportunism and narcissism, all part of this crazy era.

Stubsons and host are advocates for Ukraine defeating Russia and soon. Tim Stubson explains the reasons why he’s taken a hard stand advocating for Ukraine, and how the elected GOP in Wyoming are reacting on this fundamental freedom issue.

Susan Stubson is in full agreement on Ukraine. She longs for the days of Ronald Reagan and the clarity of fighting for freedom against the Evil Empire. Having the Stubsons on their side is great news for Ukraine.

Learn the latest on Liz Cheney. Find out that abortion clinics are still up and running in Wyoming. Trump prosecutions are considered at an imaginary roundtable in Casper where Silverman might persuade Wyoming members of the bar. The conversation gets amusing.

But then the subject gets dark and disturbing. Trump RETRIBUTION is raised. And the topic gets quite serious. Would not a second term Trump truly take violent actions against Liz Cheney, the Stubsons and non-supportive podcast hosts?

Isn’t violent RETRIBUTION akin to Putin precisely what Trump is pledging? Does that bother MAGA people who know people sure to be Trump targets? And how far will it go? And will it bother MAGA supporting friends and family? Apparently not!

Trump's glowering raging mugshot dissected for meaning beyond its raising 7.1 million dollars so far. The grift never ends but Trump’s freedom might as the trio discuss the prospects of conviction(s) and incarceration. GOP debate in Milwaukee reviewed, especially those voting for Trump even as a convicted felon.

Oh my. Silverman pretends to be Chris Christie in Wisconsin shouting out an objection when asked if he’d forgive Trump his convictions. “How many convictions?” followed by a fast “Never mind.” might’ve brought the house down in Milwaukee. Debate performances analyzed.

Enjoy and share this lively Rocky Mountain panel discussion about the most important issues of our time. Get different perspectives on Earth's hottest new panel show Monday mornings at 6 a.m. Colorado time on all your favorite podcast outlets.

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