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Episode 168 Peter Simon; Mario Nicolais (An Anderson v Griswold special)

Mario Nicolais, lead lawyer on the new Denver D/Ct declaratory judgment case aiming to DQ Trump, joins host again in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Learn behind the scene details on Anderson v Griswold aka Biggest Case Ever.

How were plaintiffs, and Denver as the venue, selected? Who will be called as witnesses? Host speculates on the last names of Cheney, Kinzinger, Luttig and Tribe. Listen for the response to this litigation unfolding in show host’s Denver courthouse! Excitement palpable.

Host confronts the rantings of ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee who threatens violence if Nicolais’ lawsuit succeeds. Other commentators have issued their dire warnings. Such MAGA commentary is instructive, as are the rantings of Mike Lindell when forced at depo to confront his defamation of a Denverite named Eric Coomer.

Dr. Coomer's case reveals the Dominion lie which reveals the Trump insurrection. It is that simple. But it gets complicated through the bad faith of MAGA propaganda which the show host again calls out. Lindell sponsored MAGA propagandists on #DenverTrumpRadio and show calls it out. Again.

Show business legend Peter Simon, GW Class of 1967, provides a fascinating interview rich with music, humor and Colorado history. Saling Simon, Peter’s grandpa, helped found National Jewish Hospital at the turn of last century.

America’s premiere respiratory hospital, National Jewish, remains a Simon family living legacy and so is Peter’s son, also named Solang Simon, who performed side by side on the piano with his Dad, Peter, for decades. Simon & Son has Denver GWHS roots.

On his own, Peter Simon has worn out multiple tuxedos on his intercontinental musical tours. Learn how Peter had the same agent as Victor Borge who was a role model. Peter Simon was a piano prodigy who’s made a great life in show biz. Learn all about this Denver musical genius!

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders takes a back seat to no one when it comes to musical expression. He proves it again with piano-rich song, Stranger in a Strange Land, as we contemplate a MAGA takeover in 2024. We are working against that. And having laughs too.

Upcoming #CraigsColoradoCorner (Monday 6 a.m.) features Marty Lenz from KOA and Jordan Hedberg discussing Trump trials, including Denver’s own Anderson v Griswold. Colo SOS has been a frequent guest in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Also a guest has been Norma Anderson’s daughter-in-law Pam. Host worked @710KNUS w/Krista Kafer too.

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