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Episode 182 Rep. Bob Marshall responds to George Brauchler sucker punch

Marine Lt. Col. (Retired) Bob Marshall returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge for fourth time to discuss Colorado’s Special Session, and to respond to this outrageous Twitter post by 710 KNUS radio host, and wannabe Douglas County DA, George Brauchler.

Ex-DA Brauchler fails to inform he was involved as DA when Marshall falsely charged, and sucker punching Steve Peck treated leniently. Bob fought his charges and won. Whole story was told in the host's column long ago. So why is Brauchler doing this now?

We analyze the motivations and ambitions of this show’s former guest on Episode 63. We learn that Steve Peck, the man who sucker punched Bob Marshall and had to pay 25K, is now the Ultra MAGA Chair of the DougCo GOP. That’s a clue! We play sound of Brauchler through the years including humor at the expense of gays.

It is bigotry that’s bothersome and Brauchler’s failure to call out Trump for his “vermin” speech on Veterans Day is called out here. So is this Denver radio morning host’s failure to condemn the anti-semitism of Elon Musk, all for fear of alienating his electorate within the DougCo GOP and its powers like Peck.

Capitulation amongst party elites and military men is how a society drifts towards fascism. As Bob Marshall and host discuss, Trump is no longer disguising his desire for retribution. Failure of GOP attorneys and politicians to stand up for the Rule of Law against this MAGA onslaught is reviewed and condemned.

True facts of Peck assault on Marshall are here below on Episode 98 but Steve Peck won’t expose himself to any such questioning. Brauchler presented a little piece of the story to denigrate Douglas County’s only elected Democrat, and to distort facts. That’s MAGA. Dems are fair targets of violence.

We discuss the qualities desirable in Douglas County’s first elected District Attorney as a new judicial district has been formed. Bob Marshall is an Ivy League educated lawyer who represented the government well in complicated tax matters, after serving the Marines in many war zones. Could a Brauchler v Marshall DA’s race be brewing?

Bob Marshall shows off his legal acumen and legislative skills. He brings us up to speed on ways he’s held DCSD and even his own Democratic Party accountable under the law. Size up whether Bob should run for re-election to State House or run for US Congress in CD4. Marshall’s been approached about all those jobs, but it is DA’s race that is most intriguing.

Bob Marshall explains what went wrong with prop HH and what to expect from the Special Session. He reviews all the bad things DougCo GOP has done in the community, including at Pride events. Close connections of Brauchler to Joe Oltmann reviewed.

Entire Brauchler softball interview of Steve Peck played and preserved at end of show. Listen as Brauchler rolls over as Peck extols virtues of Moms for Liberty, Jim Jordan, Trump, and January 6 participants. Hear Peck say Ukraine war illegitimate(?) with no pushback from Brauchler.

Rep. Bob Marshall knows and loves Douglas County. Quick on his feet, Marshall struck back at Peck fast after being sucker punched. In the end, the truth prevailed. Let’s hear Brauchler put on Peck but of course, he won’t, and this show calls out that kind of MAGA disinformation and propaganda.

Capitulation of Brauchler to MAGA and DougCo Republicans documented. Discussed is his constant harangue on Colorado’s Jewish elected officials to publish a denunciation of Hamas. As if Jews had to make such a declaration! Apparently so for Brauchler who willingly collaborates with MAGA-GOQP fascists.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders urges calm with his song, Let it Go Mama, from his Connected album. Some things should be let go like the host's termination from KNUS four years ago so this podcast lets it all out, in hopes of letting go.

But what if threats continue. Dave Gunders agrees that we cannot let our guard down against MAGA or evil forces that would destroy our freedoms and democracy. Happy balance must be struck.

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