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Episode 183 – Ari Armstrong - Getting Over Jesus; Finding Meaning and Morals Without God

Public intellectual Ari Armstrong (from Ep 126) returns, having authored a fascinating book explaining his transition from Christianity to atheism. Armstrong suggests readers rely more on the natural than the supernatural.

Author of popular Substack, Colorado Pickaxe, Armstrong questions doctrines that guided his early life, and that of many millions of fellow Americans. We discuss the bloodthirsty October 7 attack of Hamas on Israel, and the hostage release just accomplished. Colorado Pickaxe | Ari Armstrong | Substack

The Christian and Islamic underpinnings of anti-semitism are considered. Is it right or productive to believe in heaven and hell? And to believe each venue is eternal? Can faith be a negative force? Leading to negative feelings? Can it lead to MAGA?

Ari Armstrong favors people finding meaning through value-focused pursuits and loving relationships. Speaking primarily to young people and those questioning their faith, Armstrong brings a positive message that life can be better without the incoherence of supernaturalism. Check out his Self in Society substack too.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders brings great Thanksgiving music. His song, I Give Thanks, talks about the light that guides civilized societies to ring the bell of freedom. We give thanks for hostages released in Israel and hope for more.Happy Thanksgiving.

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