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Episode 195 - Craig’s Colorado Corner starring Nicolais, Molk, Joseph, Barad, Alschuler, Kaudy, and Jackson

Special times called for special podcasts. Craig’s Colorado Corner features six accomplished attorneys reacting to the immunity ruling by the DC Circuit on 2.6.24 and the upcoming insurrection (Trump v. Anderson) oral argument on 2.8.24 before the United States Supreme Court. 

Attorney for lead party Norma Anderson is friend of the podcast, Mario Nicolais, who joins us from Washington D.C on the late Tuesday night before the big Thursday argument. It was Mario who found Norma Anderson to be lead plaintiff in Trump v. Anderson, as wonderfully described in this top trending article in the Washington Post.

Mario Nicolais cross-examined Rep. Ken Buck at the Denver District Court trial where Trump was found to have committed insurrection. We discuss that experience, and how Ken Buck just threw monkey wrench in GOP plans to impeach Mayorkas.  Big things are happening in Washington DC including this podcast!

Listen to what it is like for Mario to be in the thick of American history. Learn how the Immunity case ruling bodes well for the Anderson side. Mario Nicolais gives his ranking of the best amicus briefs as legal scholars and historians weigh in. 

Alan Molk is a Colorado attorney for over four decades with a tremendously successful civil justice practice. A former GWHS Patriot and Arapahoe County prosecutor, Molk has remarkable humor and perspectives regarding threats posed by approaching MAGA fascism, and the responsibilities of lawyers to demand and defend the Rule of Law.

Leora Joseph is passionate about the US Constitution and Rule of Law too. She has served as a top level prosecutor in numerous offices before taking on her current big job as Director, Office of Civil & Forensic Mental Health, State of Colorado. As you will hear further on Episode 196, Leora Joseph wants to be Dever District Attorney, and she’s outspoken about these appellate court cases involving Trump.

Ed Barad, a retired partner at the powerhouse Denver law firm, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, joins us from the summit of Steamboat Ski Mountain to tell us about his glee that the DC Circuit ruled against Trump immunity. Ed also provides us his wise counsel handicapping the outcome of the Colorado ballot DQ case.

Professor Emeritus Albert Alschuler is the renowned law professor who taught Craig at CU Law before serving decades afterwards as an esteemed professor at Chicago Law. Jonathan Mitchell, the advocate for Trump on 2.8.24 in the US Supreme Court, was Professor Alschuler’s bright pupil. Hear all about it.

Rich Kaudy is one of Colorado’s best civil litigators. He’s outspoken in defense of the Rule of Law and is Colorado’s Senior Life Fellow with the American Board of Trial Advocates. Rule of Law is important to Rich and he gives us fiery rants in support of justice.

John Jackson is a freedom fighter. A member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this Colorado man gives us a non-lawyer perspective on what these MAGA court battles mean to the cause of freedom in America and Ukraine. Follow John’s new social media ventures on X and YouTube.

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