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Episode 201  Karen Friedman Agnifilo 

Listen to the former Chief Assistant District Attorney of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Karen Friedman Agnifilo (KFA). As Second-in-Command, Ms. Friedman Agnifilo oversaw an office of approximately 500 lawyers, 700 support staff, and roughly 80,000 cases per year. 

Now, KFA puts her acute legal analytical skills on the LegalAF podcast which is a key part of the Meidas Touch streaming network with over 2 million subscribers. No one in the media knows more about the DA’s Office, where she worked for three decades, and which now prosecutes Donald Trump later this March.

Law and Order accurately depicts the New York DA’s Office where KFA has served as that iconic show’s legal consultant for many years. Karen Friedman Agnifilo’s pride in her prosecutorial office shows throughout the interview.

Find out about the NYC all-star trial team assembled to take on the former president.  Learn about Judge Merchan, who also hails from the DANY prosecutorial office, and will be presiding judge. We discuss likely outcomes in terms of verdict and politics.

KFA and host discuss the disgust society should feel at Trump’s threats against prosecutors, judges, and media members. Who will want to take such truth-telling jobs under a dictator?  So much rides on the Rule of Law taking care of justice for Donald Trump.

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