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Episode 202  Colorado Democratic Party Chair Shad Murib

Find out why Colorado Dems elected this dynamic leader. Murib grew up in Littleton, Colorado, the son of Arab Lebanese immigrants. Murib learned valuable life lessons growing up in his south suburban Denver suburb, especially when his sibling announced as a lesbian. Murib is a proud progressive.

As a Democratic stalwart with talent, Shad Murib has worked for and with Senator John Hickenlooper, Colorado AG Phil Weiser, and Colorado Governor Jared Polis. He’s married to former State Senator Kerry Donovan and they were married by their friend and political colleague, State Senator Dylan Roberts. 

We find out about the Copper Bar Ranch that Shad and Kerry own and run high up in Edwards, Colorado. They raise Scottish Highland cattle and wait till you hear the taste described – especially the tenderloin. Stress-free ethical slaughter makes the taste difference. Hear it explained at the end.

This name-dropping episode features further mentions of Colorado’s top elected officials with a special shout-out to Rep. Jason Crow and Senator Michael Bennet for their dedication to trying to protect freedom in Ukraine. The host and guest salute the performance of President Biden too, standing up to Putin, Trump, and the GOP.

Colorado Republican Chair Dave Williams gets discussed, including his taunts at his party chair counterpart. When MAGA goes low, Shad Murib responds with winning policies, strategies, and powerful responses. The process in the Colorado CD4 special election necessitated by Rep. Ken Buck’s resignation is thoroughly explained.

Murib intends for Democrats to be competitive in every part of Colorado including CD5. What will the impact be of Trump’s endorsements of Boebert (CD4) and Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams in CD5? The connections of Putin to Trump to MAGA-GOQP gets reviewed with Murib worried about fascism.

Shad Murib goes on Fox News and will debate any semi-honest broker, but we discuss how far gone Twitter (X) is now with Elon Musk platforming the likes of Alex Jones.Modern media get discussed as do conflicts amongst Dems at the Colorado Capitol.

DA races are partisan in Colorado as are Sheriff races. Dems need to compete smarter and harder especially with disingenuous MAGA law enforcers refusing to enforce gun laws like Red Flag which they do not like.  Local races are big, but the huge political issue is Trump v the rest of us. Dems must lead us now. ​​

Troubadour Dave Gunders provides a lively conversation about the NYC trial delay, He also loved the SOU by POTUS. His song, If G-d was Watching is aimed at MAGA-GOP-type hypocrites who make money off of Big Lies like Big Con Don, the MAGA-GOQP nominee.

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