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Episode 203 ADL Regional Director Scott Levin and CO State Representative Leslie Herod

Scott Levin enters the Inner Sanctum of Craig’s Lawyers lounge to discuss the latest pronouncements of Donald Trump regarding the Jewish people. Trump’s statement was repulsive, bigoted, and disgusting as we point out in fine detail. It was also thought-provoking.

Rocky Mountain Regional ADL Director Scott Levin discusses the Anti-Defamation League’s reaction to Trump’s incendiary statement that Jews who voted for a Democrat hate their religion and everything about the country of Israel. Jared Kirchner‘s sound talking about Palestinians moving out of Gaza to free up seafront real estate gets critiqued. So does Kushner’s speaking at ADL. But we play the speech so you can decide.

Representative Leslie Herod comes on to vindicate her reputation after her exoneration in Denver Court, following a false accusation by a fellow Democrat. Leslie Herod, calls for her false accuser’s resignation, and you will find out why.

The Feb. 12 ruling from Judge Clarisse Gonzales, released by Herod's attorney to the media a month later, came after two days of testimony and evidence that looked at a romantic encounter between Herod and Sheena Kadi that occurred four years ago. Kadi now works for Dem State Treasurer Dave Young and is Vice-chair of the Colorado State Democratic Party. She’s being urged to step down.

Representative Herod speaks out against the overly boisterous and non-substantive opponents of the proposed assault weapon ban.  The troubling and dispiriting mood at the Colorado Capitol right now is reviewed.

Troubadour Dave Gunders brings us his song Hole in the Head which is what Donald Trump‘s statements remind the Jewish people right now. We need Donald Trump like a hole in the head and we discuss why. We also talk about Trump and Kushner's statements taken together.

Also reviewed is the rise of the University of Colorado in basketball (great 102-100 win over Florida in the NCAA tourney) and otherwise. We talk about the bad bombing in Moscow reportedly perpetrated by ISIS.

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