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Episode 205 Trisha Calvarese wants to represent Colorado's CD4 in the US Congress

Meet Trish Calvarese, the dynamic Democratic candidate who intends to defeat Greg Lopez on June 25, 2024, in a Special Election caused by Representative Ken Buck's resignation. Learn how Calvarese gained the nomination, spurred to run by the wish of her dying father, a lifelong Republican. 

Colorado CD3 Rep. Lauren Boebert wants to switch to a more MAGA-friendly area, and she is targeting CD4. In the meantime, Boebert needs to find a MAGA-approved GOP placeholder, and that Republican nominee will be former Parker, Colorado Mayor Greg Lopez. On June 25, 2024, expect the nation to be riveted to the open seat contest between Calvarese and Lopez.

Trish Calvarese is a Colorado native who grew up in various cities within Colorado's vast CD4. Her Dad, Joe Calvarese, was the City Prosecutor for Sterling and went on to serve in the US Civil Service as an SEC Compliance regulator. Trisha went to Highlands Ranch High School, where she was an academic standout and earned a scholarship to Johns Hopkins University.

After college and during the Great Recession, this millennial decided she wanted to work in the US Senate. She found herself a communications gig in the Capitol with Senator Bernie Sanders. Wait until you hear her Bernie impression. Or is it an imitation of Larry David doing Bernie? Either way, Trisha is entertaining.

Trish Calvarese went on to work for the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., including as a speechwriter for the late great Richard Trumka. Fate brought her back to Colorado after her parents passed away, and she and her husband took on new responsibilities regarding this country we all share.

Lauren Boebert keeps getting overserved at Beetlejuice shows in Denver and Trump dinners in NYC and Mar-A-Lago. Trisha Calvarese can get the votes of regular Republicans and Unaffiliated voters with her common sense policies, and lack of a criminal record. 

Greg Lopez is a known commodity. Clips are played from @9News (Kyle Clark), Channel 7, and KNUS when Lopez stood in the way of Colorado's Red Flag Law. Lauren Boebert and her placeholder Greg Lopez do the bidding of the gun industry and MAGA. Lopez/Boebert extremism extends to restricting all abortions, including in cases of rape and incest.

Size up the intelligence of Calvarese who discusses the multitude of challenges posed by artificial intelligence. She's worried about democracy if MAGA prevails, and she's determined to defeat Lopez/Boebert. Colorado voters generally disfavor carpetbaggers and grifters.

Calvarese strongly supports IVF procedures. As a millennial married woman, she may need those reproductive rights options now threatened by MAGA judges and lawmakers. As for Russia v. Ukraine, Calvarese is resolute in supporting Ukraine, in sharp contrast to what Putin/Trump/Boebert and MAGA-GOQP want.

She also wants to outcompete China. She's got big ideas for Colorado's fourth CD. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders proves once again why he's a musical genius and a great conversationalist. His opening lines of "Sugar Don't Call" work for the coming Eclipse, the NYC/NJ earthquake, and the 400 calls in one day Lauren Boebert claims to make to an unquestioning Dan Caplis.

One-half of the old Caplis and Silverman show, Dan Caplis, is now taking credit for the Caplis Plan to ensure the MAGA-approved Lauren Boebert prevails in a GOP primary while a placeholder (Greg Lopez) keeps the reliably Republican seat warm. Caplis keeps Boebert warm in another gushing interview, and we have sound highlights. 

John Charles Eastman is a soon-to-be-disbarred lawyer with Colorado ties through CU, Colorado Republican Party State Committeeman, and attorney/radio host, Randy Corporon. There was a Big Lie spat involving Eastman, Corporon, and Denver radio host, Peter Boyles. 

Boyles now blames Eastman and Corporon for Big Lie and big threats. Corporon and Eastman dismiss all charges. We've got the sound and smart analysis. Hat tip to Allison Gill and Pete Strzok from Cleanup on Aisle 45.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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