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Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM, comedian, and TV star

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald is a world-renowned veterinarian, humanitarian, and television star. He performs regularly as a comedian including this weekend at the Comedy Works. Kevin reveals his fascinating self in this wide-ranging discussion.

Stories start at Denver’s George Washington High School but quickly moved to Boulder and a meeting with Barry Fey and Chuck Morris and through them, the Rolling Stones. Kevin explains how it was that he worked with Mick, Keith and Charlie for so long.

Keith Richards help send Kevin Fitzgerald to veterinary school and then, Kevin’s comedy ambitions brought him to the attention of television producers. Next thing you know, he was starring as the premier emergency vet on Animal Planet.

Kevin’s worked with great entertainers including Joan Rivers, George Burns, Willie Nelson, Norm McDonald, Betty White, Louis Anderson, and the man who came in for Kevin‘s 60th birthday roast, the late Bob Saget. Learn from Kevin how and why he thinks his pal Bob died.

Kevin remembers them all and talks about the anti-science movement which is hurting America now. This scientist knows about viruses. We worry about the polarization of society. And Kevin talks polar bears. Listen to the advice George Burns gave Kevin about comedy.

Troubadour Dave Gunders has the perfect funny song called Hole in the Head which is what we need during these trouble times. Discussion follows about the partnership in crime of Putin and trump and right-wing media. This funny song takes the edge off.

Sprawling nature of Trump’s White Power Coup/Riot now evident. Putin and Trump are partners in crime, and destabilization. So are top lieutenants like Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. Contempt for MAGA-enablers expressed at end of show. Serious times deserve some serious pointed commentary. And satire. Let’s keep our senses of humor.

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