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Marshall Fogel!

Marshall Fogel! This self-described tough Denver Jew describes his lovely upbringing on Denver’s Eastside. Learn how he became a sports collectible legend, and friend of Mickey Mantle. Marshall’s been a tremendous prosecutor, trial attorney, and businessman.

Along the way, Marshall developed a curiosity about legendary Denver hero, Major General Maurice Rose, son of a Denver Rabbi. For many years now, Marshall has researched and written about Rose and his legacy. Learn all about Rose’s heroism in WWI and WWII and why Colorado is honoring him with a statue at state Capitol.

Dave Gunders is our Troubadour, and he delivers big-time on his birthday with his song titled Safe Haven. We have a birthday party with plenty of presents and a good discussion about the sunshine in almost all Dave Gunders’ songs.

Jonelle Matthews was kidnapped and murdered on December 20, 1984 in Greeley Colorado. Stephen Pankey was put on trial for that first-degree murder this month, but the jury could not reach a verdict. Show analyzes why no conviction, with close attention to the cross-examination of the defendant by elected DA Michael Rourke. We’ve got the sound.

The Craig Silverman Show Saturday mornings 9 – noon Colorado time.

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