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Episode 116 -- Southeast Denver Dudes -- featuring Joe O'Dea and Dave Flomberg

Joe O’Dea is welcomed back to make strong points about crime and fentanyl problems. He calls out Sen. Bennet for unwillingness to debate, except late, with Kyle Clark. Joe says Kyle is on Dems’ side.

Joe O’Dea grew up on the southeast side of Denver where he and host had common hangouts like Piccolo’s. O’Dea stands up to GOP and MAGA on abortion, Big Lie, and bigotry. Hear out his case against Biden and Bennet.

Dave Flomberg is another fascinating southeast Denver original. Nightside columnist for many years for late great Rocky Mountain News, Flomberg now writes columns opposing bigotry for the Colorado Times Recorder.

Birther Peter Boyles’ bigotries have been well-chronicled and are discussed during review of the explosive Judith Berg (Episode 101) accusation that Boyles called her a “k*ke.” Truths about Alan Berg’s true friends revealed in Episodes 70 and 81.

Flomberg is accomplished trombonist who has encyclopedic knowledge of threats posed by anti-Semitism and Boyles-types who even want to twist up such descriptors. Let’s call them out as Jew haters - jackasses like Father Coughlin, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh.

We’ve seen America First before with those bigots. Flomberg and the host say they will keep calling out bigotry. So will our show Troubadour Dave Gunders whose beloved Dad escaped the Nazis (

As we contemplate the Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah 5783 and Yom Kippur this week, we reflect on the qualities that can bode well for our futures; repentance, prayer and charity.

Should apologies always be accepted?Contemplate that while listening to the sensational song “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” by Dave Gunders.

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