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Ep 115 Jake Pucci — Denver Colorado hero — more truth about the AK-47

Ep 115 Jake Pucci — Denver Colorado hero — more truth about the AK-47

Jake Pucci is a Denver Colorado hero. His brave actions on June 10, 2020 saved the life of Darian Simon. Sadly, Isabella Thallas was murdered that day by Michael Close, the gunman convicted this week of her first degree murder, and the attempted first degree murder of Bella’s boyfriend, Darian.

In the densely urbanized downtown Denver Ballpark neighborhood, shots rang out shortly before noon that awful day and instantly killed Isabella (Bella) Thallas. Bella and her boyfriend Darian had been walking their dog, Rocco, on a hot summer day during Denver's pandemic lockdown.

Jake Pucci was on the phone with his Dad when he heard the shots and sprang into action. Jake Pucci had EMT training and from five floors above, he ran to save Darian if he could. And he did!

Responding police and paramedics stayed back for fear of this active shooter. Darian would have bled out but for the tourniquet that Jake Pucci applied to Darian’s femoral artery as blood gushed. Other bullet holes needed pressure and Jake Pucci got the job done. Heroes save lives. Fear be damned.

Listen to Jake Pucci and try to determine why he rushed in when few others would do so. There are good people in Denver, Colorado, but we cannot tolerate these kinds of crimes. Young Mr. Pucci, himself a gun owner, wisely excoriates the presence of assault weapons in Denver Colorado.

Find out from Jake Pucci what it’s like to be a witness in a big Denver murder trial. Michael Close’s guilt has been obvious from day one, but the prosecution still had to prove it. That happened in rapid time in Denver District Courtroom 5E, a trial attended by Craig Silverman, as counsel for Darian Simon.

This murder case contained drama aplenty but not insofar as the guilt of Michael Close who really had no defense for his indefensible acts of violence that struck down one of Colorado’s most beautiful couples. Darian Simon is a brilliant man, as you will hear from host and Jake Pucci who has since gotten to know the man he saved.

Dan Politica was not a hero in this matter. It was his AK-47 used to kill Bella and grievously wound Darian. Michael Close was a tight friend with DPD Sgt. Dan Politica at the time of this crime. As counsel for Darian Simon, a 2.23.22 deposition was taken as part of a civil lawsuit. Hear the sworn testimony of Politica explaining how the AK-47 was stolen.

Homeowners insurance for Politica's Arvada home paid for the negligently stored stored weapon allegedly "stolen" by the shooter. Guilty verdicts and insurance funds collected bring no justice. Bella is gone. Darian has been damaged. So has Denver, Colorado. We cant' stand this.

The late broadcaster Alan Berg was murdered by an assault weapon welded by bigoted man who decided to kill a prominent Jew on June 18, 1984. On October 8, 2022, the late Alan Berg will be installed in the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame. This show has covered the death of Alan Berg and who was his friend.

Alby Segall, executive Director of the Denver Press Club, is a fascinating guest as he describes his background and the current situation at his historic workspace. The criteria for Hall of Fame induction are reviewed. Memories of listening to Alan Berg are shared and the ripples it sent through the Jewish world because of this anti-Semitic hate crime.

Dave Gunders makes his solid contribution with Falling Rain, the perfect song to accompany the sadness that was the murder of Isabella Thallas. Rain refreshes though and Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner. Enjoy this solemn High Holiday treat from our Troubadour.

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