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Episode 122 Bob Marshall wins sweet anti-MAGA victory in Douglas County Colorado

CO State Rep. Rep. Elect Bob Marshall just won sweet victory in HD43 (Highlands Ranch). There are still MAGA threats to America but they are diminished after Tuesday’s election results. Democracy was saved and Colorado led the way. It was a bad week for Putin/Trump in Ukraine and the USA.

Bob Marshall was a Republican most of his life. Born and raised in Evergreen, Bob served as a Marine officer for several decades. He’s also an Ivy League trained accomplished attorney. Bob and his wife and daughter settled in Highlands Ranch where he was a regular Republican family man until Trump came along.

Check out Bob’s first appearance explaining his impressive background on Episode 99

BTW, like other great people, Bob went all out supporting Ukraine.

Bob Marshall interviewed Friday afternoon almost immediately after learning he officially won his close race. Some thought Dem victory in Douglas County impossible but Bob Marshall explains how he accomplished his mission. Already this week, Bob Marshall takes key votes at Colorado’s Capitol.

Bob Marshall was offended by Trump’s disparagement of a Gold Star Mom. He eventually got activated to walk Highlands Ranch intersections in support of defeating Trump in 2020. He also became a Democrat for the first time. With guys like Bob, USA saved in 2020; and again, in 2022. That’s what Marines do in times of trouble.

Learn all about the physical attack Bob Marshall endured at the hands of a Dougco GOP official back on 9.10.20. When John Kellner and the criminal justice system in the 18th JD failed Marshall, he got civil justice by hiring Craig Silverman Law. This case fascinates and propelled Bob into politics.

Henry Gunders was thrust into politics as a boy. As a Jew named Henry Gunderheimer, he and his family had to flee their homes in Munich, Germany to escape the fascist Nazis in the 1930s. When he made it to America, Henry joined the Tenth Mountain Division and was part of their post D-Day invasion and victory in WWII.

Troubadour Dave Gunders joins the show from Greenwich Connecticut, home of Henry Gunders, age 98, who told his story himself on epic Ep. 121. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders dedicates his song, i Give Thanks, to his father, and it works as well for voters (and Hashem?) saving America.

Any upcoming civil war will involve Republicans fighting over whether to remain MAGA. Too many insults by Trump (DeSantis, Youngkin) will make MAGA GOP harmony improbable. Here’s to hoping DOJ is on the cusp of bringing down its hammer. Bob Marshall talks about current events and his amazing victory.

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