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Episode 129 - Kirk Widlund Hour on KNUS is Missing

So many wrong things about Denver Trump Radio are illustrated on this week’s podcast. First of all, Steffan Tubbs had Kirk Widlund on as a featured guest. Widlund had produced the radio version of The Craig Silverman Show for many years.

Widlund was terminated from KNUS in December, 2020 when it came out via 9News, Westword, and Colorado Springs Antifa that Widlund was not just mega-MAGA, he was Nazi-friendly. Nevertheless, on 12-20-22, Widlund was featured guest on The Steffan Tubbs Show.

The problem is nobody listened, and now KNUS won’t post the podcast. Listen to my show to Tubbs’ big build-up for the Widlund interview. The two have maintained their friendship, and following the interview, we can hear how pleased Tubbs was with what Widlund said. What was it?.

But apparently, 710KNUS management disagreed and Salem Colorado has squelched that Widlund hour. We wanted to hear Widlund explanations. It’s not cool to hide content from the public. Heidi Beedle is aware of this controversy and weighs in as a repeat guest on show.

Tubbs and Widlund are apparently making the case that Colorado Springs Antifa are discredited and that Andy Ngo is the right wing opponent of Antifa and Heidi Beedle who used to be a member. Widlund and Tubbs are trying to scapegoat Beedle who’s having none of it.

Beedle fires back in this exciting Episode 129. We play tons of Tubbs’ sound because for once, it is interesting, and we are looking for clues as to what happened when Tubbs turned his show over, once again, to Widlund, his pal and former executive producer.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers with Way of Forgetting as we try to forget bad events of 2022. We discuss Dave’s enjoyment of Avatar Two and the host's enjoyment of Christmas Day Nuggets OT win over Suns.

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