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Episode 132 – Kelly Brough wants to be Denver Mayor

Listen to this fun and interesting interview with Denver mayoral candidate Kelly Brough. She was Chief of Staff under John Hickenlooper and the head of Denver’s Career Service Authority before that. Now, she’s running to be Denver’s 46th mayor.

Brough pronounces her last name like the word “rough” and in this interview, she demonstrates she’s fun, more than rough enough, and ready for the rigors of the mayoral campaign. Brough has decades of Denver experience and says she's ready for the chief executive job if she wins it. Brough believes in public service based on her upbringing and character.

Listen to this former head of the Denver Chamber of Commerce explain the confusing campaign and debate rules in this spring 2023 election. If elected, Brough promises to get rough with the Denver School Board that is failing to deliver for the students in the Mile High City. We discuss crime and homelessness and how to revitalize downtown Denver.

As president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Kelly Brough was focused on jobs. The wait times for permitting in Denver comes under criticism from the candidate who explains her plans to immediately do better.

Brough was also the first female snow plow driver at Stapleton International Airport and the first female CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber. Born and raised in small Montana towns, she’s been in Denver since 1986. Her opening YouTube video contains tragedies and accomplishments.

A widowed mother of two grown daughters, Brough realizes, if elected, she’s entering a challenge-filled time. Rapid technological changes will profoundly affect working people and the way big cities work. Denver is at an inflection point and needs great leadership.

We discuss open artificial intelligence and its free availability online. Campaign platforms, position papers, and speeches can be created instantaneously online through utilization of accumulated written wisdom through 2021. Kelly Brough discusses the implications.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders had his beloved black lab Riley pass away this week. We pay tribute to the life of Riley with fond reminiscences and a special YouTube page. This week's original Dave Gunders’ song is Just Try Me which suits the trying times we face when our pets pass on.

Troubadour Dave Gunders is also a highly accomplished Denver remodeler with Lookout Renovations and he decries the Denver permitting process and its ridiculous delays.

Working and living in Denver needs to improve for the good of Colorado and its inhabitants. Kelly Brough agrees. She loves and owns a black lab too. All major Denver mayoral candidates flow through these fact-filled podcast interviews. Enjoy and evaluate.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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