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Episode 138 Trevor Aaronson – Alphabet Boys podcast

Trevor Aaronson is the journalistic star of the new dramatic episodic podcast, Alphabet Boys, which features a compelling Colorado criminal justice story, and startling revelations. Aaronson’s podcast involves an awful FBI informant who stirred up trouble at 2020 Colorado racial justice protests.

Listen to the threats made to Colorado’s top prosecutor and determine the seriousness. The assassination target was Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, and the potential perpetrator scoped out his target’s home. Real people were hurt severely during these Colorado protests.

We witnessed the 2020 mayhem in downtown Denver and Aurora. Thanks to the Alphabet Boys podcast, we can hear how the FBI had their paid informant (Mickey) in the middle of it, and he caused major parts of the problem. Alphabet Boys tells this spy story with compelling audio evidence. And with the guts of Aaronson.

The ten-part podcast will keep your attention and it builds to a big finish. Learn how Alphabet Boys was put together. Does Antifa exist? Has it been exaggerated as part of a political agenda? Find out some great Colorado inside information .

Learn about the background of Trevor Aaronson, expert at disclosing FBI abuses. The Colorado-NYC terrorism case against Najibulla Zazi is reviewed. Also discussed is January 6, 2021 Capitol violence in Washington, and Aaronson wonders why the FBI did not infiltrate and stop that MAGA insurrection. Politics at work in the FBI?

The Church Congressional Committee (1975) was supposed to stop all this spying by the FBI but Alphabet Boys makes clear FBI let loose a monster on the racial justice protest movements in Colorado. There are now 15,000 paid federal informants in America, and Aaronson is the journalist dedicated to pointing out abuses.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers with his song, Deep Down, perfect for an embedded spy with FBI. We discuss the Murdaugh verdict and how he lied under oath, as double murderers do, Troubadour and host review their mini-rift, all about modern technology and short attention spans.

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