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Heidi Thomas

Abhor any fool who would rape Heidi Thomas. Bill Cosby is such a fool. When Heidi was in her 20’s, working at JF Images in Denver, Jo Farrell put her in touch with show business legend Bill Cosby to mentor Heidi’s acting ambitions. Instead, Cosby drugged and raped Heidi. Heidi Thomas testified against the disgraced comedian at his 2018 trial.

Last week, Cosby’s 2018 criminal conviction was reversed and dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Listen to Heidi Thomas’ reaction and great legal questions she poses. Hear the good answers provided as this star witness picks the brain of a former sex-crimes prosecutor. The interview is wide ranging amongst these Colorado natives.

Heidi and host discuss performance of DA Kevin Steele and his predecessor, Bruce Castor Jr. This current Colorado Sun Craig Silverman column gets discussed. Consider also Silverman's Cosby column back in 2014.

What was Jo Farrell’s role? What should we think of Andrea Constand, the one Cosby accuser who got big money and a criminal verdict in her favor? How was it determined that only five other victims could testify as to Cosby's modus operandi and how were they selected? What about Cosby’s wife Camille and TV wife Phylicia Rashad? Who else were the Cosby enablers?

Also answering these questions is key member of the Cosby prosecution team, M. Stewart Ryan, who guests in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Stew Ryan reminisces about grilling former DA Bruce Castor Jr. during cross examination at a critical pre-trial hearing. The trial judge ruled in Ryan’s favor but last week, there was that shocking appellate reversal freeing the serial rapist.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders gifts us with his song of perspective and hope for better days. Some Days is a musical masterpiece explaining the human condition and the ups and downs which are inevitable. Heidi Thomas shares her music too, as she knows well life is a rollercoaster and music helps.

The Craig Silverman Show new show every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. - Colorado time.

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