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Jacob Kay - Colorado Wildlife Hero

Here’s Colorado’s international feel-good story during this difficult winter. A thousand-pound bull moose slid off a Breckenridge slope down a window well and into the basement of a nice vacation home.

Enter Jacob Kay, humble and talented Colorado Parks and Wildlife district manager. Game Warden Kay took charge in extraordinary fashion to calm Mr. Moose and figure out ways to save the home, the huge antlered animal, and humans trying to help.

We’ve got the highly entertaining, educational, and exclusive interview with the resourceful hero, Jacob Kay. Take pride in our tax dollars at work. Learn about moose in Colorado and cool moose safety tips. GET SET FOR BIG TWIST ENDING.

Right Wing Media Watch focuses on despicable media members who betray American democracy. Laura Ingraham, Peter Boyles, Donald Trump, and Joe Oltmann all seem to be rooting for Putin. We’ve got their pathetic displays and sound analysis.

Troubadour Dave Gunders comes through with a perfect smart song named Every Little Problem, fitting the moose and Russia v Ukraine situations. We have problems. Let’s nip them in the bud. Our show is about Solutions.

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