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Judges Jackson - Strangers in a Strange Land

We lead off with our Troubadour Dave Gunders’ song, Strangers in a Strange Land, written several years ago for the Syrian refugee crisis, also caused by Putin. Dave’s father Henry Gunderheimer (Episode 21) had to flee Munich in the 1930s. We pay tribute once more to Ukraine and her refugees.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson had several strange experiences testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We break it down in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge with veteran Denverite, lawyer, and judge, Gary Jackson (no relation). Denver’s Judge Jackson has achieved many firsts of his own and he will tell you what it takes to make that happen.

Learn about Judge Jackson's many Hall of Fames and how he earned those honors. Judge Jackson talks about soon to be Justice Jackson and the meaning of her accomplishment as first black woman on the Supreme Court. We talk about the difficult job of sentencing defendants, and the second-guessing of Senators Cruz, Hawley and Graham.

Tsvi Sperber is an outstanding guest from Kraków Poland. Born in Britain and then making Aliyah to Israel, Tsvi Sperber now runs which explores the roots of Jewish people, largely around Poland and the Pale of Settlement. Suddenly, Sperber is on edge of a war zone and doing all he can to help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Gain new perspectives on Poland’s role in WWI and WWII. Tsvi Sperber makes you understand the politics and geography of the region and the reality that Jews are scattered throughout the refugees. Putin’s motives and end games are fair game in this fascinating discussion.

The Craig Silverman Show – every Saturday mornings – at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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